OBD1 Dizzy w/ OBD0 ECU

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Sorry to post another thread but i am a little confused with a certain OBD compatibility. In a nut shell i put an OBD1 dizzy on my b16a with an OBD0 PR3 ECU. After it was on the car wouldnt fire up. Turns out the injectors arnt firing. I got another working ECU in case mine was fried. Still no avail.

Does the ECU have to match the dizzy in order to work? Does a sensor not work with the ECU causing no injector signal?

There is a possibility that it was wired improperly since some of the colours did not match when the new harness was wired into the dizzy (god knows what the previous owners did). The guy who did it was a relatively new Honda tech, even he is trying to figure out if its compatible.

Worked when i got there, didnt after, doesnt sound faulty ECU to me.

The old thread.
OBD0 ECU requires the use of OBD0 distributor - OBD1 distributor requires the use of OBD1 ECU - distributor signals to ECU are not the same for OBD0 and OBD1
The preOBD distributor uses a 16 tooth injector trigger wheel. The OBD1/2 uses a 24 tooth wheel. If you want to run the OBD1 ecu, then you need an OBD1 or OBD2 distributor.
Got ya, looks like i need to either convert or go back. Thanks guys.
Lol sorry ef, its not that i didnt believe you. Since i know almost nothing on the subject, a couple of other opinions couldnt hurt. Now its the question of which route to go, either one requires more money. Money that i should never have had to spend. Shame on me for assuming, shame on the honda tech for doing it.
Its cool, just good you finally got it figured out.
Well lets hope thats it and the god damn thing starts, its been 2 months almost. I have decided to just get an OBD0 dizzy, the same place i bought my other from has them as well, brand new. Maybe i can bring back the OBD1 one, never been used so it should be no problem. If in only i knew my car was OBD0 in the first place, they told me it was OBD1, bastards. Live and learn.

Would there be any harm to the car, mostly engine, being left that long, with dirty oil:(?
On that note, the guy from Honda called me. Told me he looked in the big magic Honda service manual. The sensors use different voltages to operate. OBD0 cant read em. I told him that HS is solid on its info.

I appreciate the help guys, even he didnt know that they did that.