Obd1 Dohc Zc Question

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in a 5th gen civic what ecu will work for this motor.... should you get the zc ecu or is there a usdm one here that would work for it. i just want answers not opinons... thanks
What year is that motor? Because I don't believe any Zc's were OBD1 just OBD0. If so you will need to convert your car to OBD0. You will need the ZC ECU. You can also run the D16a6, D16a8 ecu's.
JDM 1992 Civic 5th gen EG 20th anniversay came with a ZC engine and is OBD1. Any Honda civic produced after July 1992 is obd1 (that is, until obd2 came around.)
if the zc ecu is not availble, i would suggest a p75 LS ecu. its probably the closest to it.