obd1 ls/vtec 90 HF fuel injector code 16 help!

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ok so heres the run down. my friend had a 88 dx with this ls/vtec and he got rear ended, bent the frame and all that good stuff. so my OTHER buddy had a 90 HF shell sitting there that pretty much needed a whole front end parts car. and since they were both friends. he bought the dx with the running LS/vtec full obd1 conversion yadda yadda.

so my friend with the HF is a tech but hes not big into hondas yet had a vw before he came across these crx's, luckily.

anyway, i did most of the swap. we had to use a MPFI harness from a 90 civic SI i believe. i ran all the wiring that needed to be done for the swap to work, as well as the obd1 conversion into the new car. its running on a chipped p72.

now the ONLY code its throwing, is fuel injector code 16. when i jump the connector.

All my grounds are tight and connected. i did not mess with ANY wiring at the ecu harness, only placed and wrapped the engine harness accordingly. when i first went to crank it, i got a little ahead of myself and realized i had left the fuel injection ground loose, on the back of the block. tightened that up and gave it a crank. did not check codes prior to that or anything just called it a day. TODAY is when i got everything else together, had to resolder the altenator ground, extend wires for the IACV and MAP sensors. and then i started to jump the connectors to get my codes.

now. if the crx HF is MPFI and the 90 si is as well, the injection wiring should be in the correct places. i switched the injector resistor boxes with the DX because it was a running car before we started the swap, just the rear damaged.

i immediatly went to main relay afterwards because its an easy diag.

QUESTION before i go one, but are there a different part number for main relays for the crx's?

Heres where it gets tricky. i switch the main relays from the DX into the HF. and i got a code 15 and code 16.
code 15 beign ignition output signal. when i switch them back i still only get the fuel injector code. could they be different relays and could that be my problem as far as the injection.

i DID find a diag printout from a service manual, but did NOT have my multimeter today when i was working on it. NOR do i have a set of noid lights. but i did put a test light to the injectors and i am infact NOT getting power.

COULD this be a problem, or DOES the HF need a different main relay with a b series? but not from a DPFI DX?

thank you for all who hung with me through this, i am surei will figure it out with a multi meter tomorrow but i dont want to waste my time if i just get an asnwer whether or not that seems like a relay issue, or if i need a different relay for a b series in HF