Obd1 ---> Obd2

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if the guy who is doing my b16 sir2 swap......

if he has to change it over from obd1 to obd2....

will i be loosing anything in terms of performance?

i.e. fuel maps etc?

reason im asking him to change it over is cuz of smog issues.
say what?

taking a b16 sir2 (which im under the impression they all are obd1?)
and converting it to obd2 is illegal?

what is the legal way of getting a obd2 b16 into my car?

not quite clear if i understood ur post.....
the engine has to be the same age or newer than the car it is going into
some places it doesnt really matter they dont have a clue what they are looking at anyway
in places like cali you will get ass fucked with no lube
yeah .... any 96+ B16 is OBD-2
you dont really have to follow the exact manufacture date for the age of the engine/car... but you really should try to at least get the same OBD generation or newer

there are JDM B16s that are OBD-2 and there are also the 96-97 del sol VTEC or the 99-00 Si (if you are looking for USMD)

jusr request an OBD-2 engine when you order it
where are you getting your engine from????

doh!!!!! he beat me by .0000983 sec
i got two ways to go on this one.

1) i can goto this swap shop, pay them "x" amount of dollars in depost form, and they said they will search for me.
2) i can play columbo and try and track down a obd2 b16(a2) somewhere in the l.a. where every fucker and their mother
is trying to pull a scam.

im getting a little wiser by talkin to people on here....the milky white cap on the dist. means obd1 right?
obd1 and 2 look close... its hard to tell som times.
I've got a B18C in my SiR EK4. Singapore's rules as sticky as Cali's rules.. big loud exhaust can get u a fine of $500 (@$300USD) Swapping engines can land you in jail and a possible $10,000 fine... but rules are meant to be broken anyway..
use your current valve cover.. n get someone to sand off the engraved B18C for eg. letterings and carved back the B16A2 back... (not sure if you understand me.. write me if you wanna see some pics)
I agree with Pissedoffsol that it's hard to tell sometimes... some friends didn't even know i did a swap until they smell smoke.. :D