OBD2 distributor with OBD1 harness

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Alright..I searched a little and didnt find anything specific.

I just installed a Y8 motor in my E D hatch (replaced it from a z6 with a bad rod bearing). Found out the hard way, my obd1 distributor mounting holes do not line up on the Y8 head, and after looking at my buddies E K the connector is also different...errrrr!

What do you figure is my best bet? Obviously I will need an obd2 distributor.

Adapter harness? Possibly wire up my own adapter??:confused:


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You need an obd1 distributor only i'm not sure which one will bolt up to the y8. if you wanted to use the obd 2 dizzy you'd then have to be using an obd2 ecu. and thats a pain in the ass on its own running obd2 components in an originally obd0 car.


..I have a OBD1 diz that came off the z6 motor. As far as I know they all mount the same, and mounting bolt holes are in the same spot.

Im certain others have installed a y8 motor (96-00) in their ED/F .

what to do? :glare:


red91..thanks for the post, but this thread is in relatance to a distributor and not an alternator. :eek:

The different bolt pattern between obd1 and 2 diz's is exactly the problem I am facing as stated in the 1st post. Word has it, that I can slot out the bolt holes.
Seems :ph34r:, but I think Im going to give it a whirl.

Any one care to second that? ..Blanka you out there?