Obd2 P72 Ecu Speed Sensor Wire Color And Pin#?

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I need to know the color and pinout number of the vehicle speed sensor wire of a OBD2 P72 ECU which is out of the 96+ integra GSR? I can only fin info on the earlier 94-95 GSR ECU's which are OBD1 and have a totaly different harness configuration... thanks for your help.
if you are planning on cutting this to remove the speed limiter, don't.
it's not the right way to go about this. cutting out the vss will mess up other things such as your rolling idel (ever notice the car hangs at around 1000 when rolling and in neutral, yet 700 at stop?) and so much more.
yeah I know that was happening cause I didnt have it hooked up.. I did a GSR swap in my CRX and I didnt hook up that wire. the car didnt pull hard enough after vtec and in higher speed.. it lagged.. but now it pulls hard like its suppose to.. :D