OBDI h22a converted to OBDII


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I'm currently using my stock accord ECU, on my OBDII wired h22a engine.... as you can imagine she's not running the way she should. The engine runs smooth, but she's not shifting correctly, and occasionally idles funny. Any ideas as to what ECU I need to get to run it correctly?


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I'd suggest a 96 or 97 H22A lude because the later ones got ATTS and a lot of other garbage, including immobilizers in many cases. I seem to remember all OBD2 ludes using the OBD2A style connector pinout (odd) but I'm not so sure about the accords. If your accord uses the OBD2B pinout, your best luck may be a OBD2b-OBD2A conversion and a 96-97 lude ECU. (or obviously a OBD2-OBD1 conversion)