OBDII code P1337 CSF Sensor no signal


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Year? Car? for a 98 civic ex coupe all you need is a ohm meter to check for resistance between pins 1 and 3 (1.6-3.2k ohms) if its not that then replace the ckf sensor

then check for ground from pin 1 and ground from pin 3 of the ckf sensor(it should be open when you check between the pins and body ground) if there is continuity, then replace the ckf sensor

Then measure resistance between c1 and c11(harness side) if there isn't 1.6-3.2k ohms then fix your open wire.

Then check for ground from c1(harness side) to body ground, if there is conintuity then fix the short

keep in mind that this was the procedure for a p1337 on a 98 civic ex coupe


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The vehicle is a 1996 Civic, sorry I thought I had that in there. Does what you wrote apply to this vehicle? thanks for the write back. Mitch


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It should yes.

Just so you know what the code really is
Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1337: No signal in the Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation (CKF) sensor circuit.

The diagnostic system has a pulser rotor on the crankshaft and a pulse pick-up sensor on the engine block. The ECM/PCM monitors the crankshaft speed fluctuation based on the CKF sensor signal, and judges that an engine misfire occurred if the fluctuation goes beyond a predetermined limit.

Could also try just clearing the code and seeing if it comes back on, it might be an intermittent failure.
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Hi, I just registered because I have the exact same code as the thread creator. I have a 2000 Honda Civic and I have code 1336, 1337. Please can you tell me if I can fix this myself with basic tools or must I put my car in the shop.

For reference, the biggest job I did on my car is changing the timing belt (same honda as the one mentioned here)



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I too started getting this 2 weeks after my timing belt replacement

i had my timing belt replaced at McDavid Honda in frisco and 2 weeks later i started getting p1337. I have the same honda civic 2000 ex auto. What did you do to get it fixed. Did you take it to the machanic, if so, what did he told you it was?


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If your cars are still running fine and are not hard to start just clear the code and see if it comes back. If it comes back read above for trouble shooting. Someone already told you how to fix your car. READ!