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Sick Sea Turtle Swims Right to Hospital Doorstep | NBC Miami

Sick Sea Turtle Swims Right to Hospital Doorstep A sick sea turtle swims to the doorstep of the only place in the world that is licensed solely to treat turtles


Why did the sea turtle cross the Florida Keys? To go to the doctor.
A loggerhead sea turtle nearly swam to the door step of the Florida Keys Turtle Hospital, the only licensed veterinary facility in the world that solely treats sea turtles.
The 73-pound reptile was suffering from a bacterial infection and somehow knew exactly where to go for help -- no Yellow Pages needed.
Staff members at the hospital actually waited several hours before treating the turtle because they thought it may have just been lost when it showed up at the dock of the treatment center.
But the turtle stuck around, probably unaware of the Turtle Hospital's "no walk-ins" policy.
Eventually, he was treated with meds and now has a new home in a blue tank until he's all better.
No doubt, the hospital will get plenty of referrals from their new patient when he is back with his friends -- Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael.
so whats your call on this??
was it just dumb luck??? or did the turtle know where it was going???

and more importantly did the turtle have insurance?? or does B now have to foot the bill to support freeloading turtles?? :p


Thank you for your business.
Well according to B, he foots the bill for EVERY freebie in the country, so that doesn't surprise me.

I wonder if it was a turtle who'd been there. Animals can learn, but who the hell really knows.

low mileage

so low down
im guessing he might have been reffered by another turtle and they mapquested the directions. j/k but seriously though that is kinda wierd but i wonder what made them check him to see if he was ill instead of trying to turn him around.