Odds and Ends Parts?


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Hey, i am doing a custom turbo set up.
1) Have the mani. for a B16. T3 turbo flange on it. I have a Garret T3 turbo, where do I get the Gasket for between the mani, and turbo? Should be slightly rectangular shaped.
2)I have an attached wastegate for the turbo, so that has the downpipe bolt pattern that is different. It is a 3 bolt pattern off of the wastegate contraption instead of the 5 bolt pattern like off the turbo. I was wondering where I can get a flange that is circular 3 bolt pattern so I can have a custom downpipe made to bolt up with the 3 bolt pattern. WHERE TO GET FLANGE? and do I need a gasket between there too?
3)where to get oil return line. I have the oil feed line. And I have the braket for the oil line to clamp to, but no return line. Do I need a gasket between the braket and turbo, or is the "make a gasket" work. the goo like stuff?
4) Where to Get the block off plate for the external wastegate flange. The manifold has a flange welded on for an external wastegate, but I am probable going to use the one that is connected to the turbo. Unless you think it would be cheaper to run an external wastegate, and use the downpipe I have instead or running the wastegate I have and getting a new downpipe run?

Thanks a lot.