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i have a 95 civic ex what does offset mean as far as rims go and what offset number do i need to put them on my civic
offset can also be referred to as back spacing.
offset can be either postive or negative.

positive offset is moving the mounting flange from the center toward the *face of the rim
negative offset is moving the mounting flange from the center toward the backside of the rim
negative offset gives that deep dish look very common on old muscle cars like the 67-69 camaro

face = the side you see when the wheel is mounted on the car
backside = the side of the rim that you can't see when mounted closest to the brakes

For example. take a generic 15" diameter rim that is 6" inches wide.
If the mounting flange was exactly in the center of the rims width the offset/back spacing would be 0 (zero)
now relocate the flange out toward the face of the rim a few milimeters and you've got yourself a rim that's 15" in diameter 6" wide with a +30mm offset.

Take a look at
Offset diagrams

I'm assuming your 95 ex came with 13" diameter steel rims.
the offset you need to look for will very depending on rim width.

typical rule of thumb is if you use a rim that's
6.0" you'll need +38mm offset
6.5" you'll need +40mm offset