OG Accord (slow and low fo no doe)

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Not a real OG lol
hey peeps, so in my auto class ther is this old 89ish accord EX-I chillin in the back with the lack of a key and a blown head gasket. It is almost mint (tiny rust spot on wheeel well), automatic, 4 door and with 250xxx. I got talking to my teacher and he said if you can can fix it I will sell it to you for $400. Of corse I could not say no so I have it waiting for me in the back to get fixed.
I want to make it an old school jdm low rider so Im thinking of cutting the springs like 2inch and a dope sound system in it. I do not want to spend much money on this so all used stuff.
I will post pics and tell more if this goes all to plan.
So tell me what you think or any suggestions. ---thanks


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well im not sure what they go for aroun you area but down here i can get them all day for that running and in good shape for 500-1000 bucks


Not a real OG lol
Well I will do all the work and labor myself and a mint one can go for 1200-1500$$$$