Oh god.....I hope not!

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Hey dudes,

Well, I was driving home from work and my tranny was acting wierd. When I accelerate out of 1st, it feels as if the clutch is slipping for the first thousand RPMs, then it hooks up and she goes. Only at low RPM's though. I'm not throwing a CEL or anything, not that I would for a clutch, but was wondering what, if anything else it could be? What are the symptoms of a fucked throw-out bearing? It goes into gear just fine, every time.

It sucks too, I just had my tranny overhauled before winter hit last year...replaced every bearing in there, new syncros, complete with a new USDM B18C5 clutch disk (not the whole clutch assembly [already B18C5 gear], just the disk)

It's a JDM B16A SiRII Hydro tranny (SiRII Engine) in an EG.

So am I foobar'd????

Shit man, I think I am.....here comes another grand down the shitter.
It seems that once a clutch starts slipping, that adding MORE power to it wouldn't cause it to stop slipping... anybody have more thoughts on this?

EDIT: foobar = wrong... fUbar is whatcha mean
Well, I took it out again tonight, and it seems like it's not a constant. I took some straight runs, brought her up past 8K and she seems ok. I'm thinkin maybe clogged injectors? I dunno guys. Maybe I'll pick up some injector cleaner tomorrow and see if that fixes the problem...couldn't hurt...it's seeming less likely that it's a transmission problem.


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if its a clutch,
put it in 5th going like 30 mph.
floor it.

if it bogs, its fine.
if it revs up, you're clutch is shot


i had a similar problem right after i installed my new clutch...apparently i didnt give it enough break in time...after about 2 days i never had the problem again.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 9 2005, 09:14 AM
if its a clutch,
put it in 5th going like 30 mph.
floor it.

if it bogs, its fine.
if it revs up, you're clutch is shot
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this doesnt always work. for some reason my car only slips in 1st and 2nd. i can put it in 5th (at about 2200 rpms, due to no speedo) on a hill and floor it... it wouldnt rev, just bog.
Well, If the fifth gear test is accurate, there is no slippage at all....just bogging. RPMs didn't shoot up whatsoever. I'm going to grab a bottle of injector cleaner tonight and see where that takes me...worth a shot. Any other opinions are welcome in the meantime though.....I always welcome the input :)
what clutch and flywheel. i was told my flywheel (kaiten super - 9.7 lbs) is too light for my style clutch (exedy stage 1). so, im going to replace it with a itr flywheel and the same clutch, but new.
My clutch is from a USDM B18C5. My Flywheel is the stock SiRII.

I also talked to my mechanic for a sec on the phone and described the situation. He said that it sounds like secondary ignition problems under high load. He said he's only seen a handfull of malfunctioning honda injectors in the 25 years he's been in business, so chances are it's not that. But i'm still getting injector cleaner...as I said, it wont hurt.