Oil Cooler

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Does anyone use an oil cooler for their turbo charged cars? I'm using one that I picked up at the junk yard. My oil feed line runs into the cooler and then into the turbo. I can actual hold the stainless steel tube that comes out of the cooler. The tube going into the cooler is very hot. I live in Wisconsin though and the temps get below zero sometimes. Does anyone know if the oil cooler can have a downside to it? And does anyone know what style coolers work the best, like the tube coolers that run back and forth through fins or the intercooler style ones? :worthy:
I am in Northern California and it gets like 110 degrees here in the middle of the summer. Yes an oil cooler is good in that situation. But when it is 10degrees out you don't need to run the oil through a cooler IMO.
it can have a downside if you are in a very cold place--

basically, just make sure you are using the right weight oil, and you should be ok
If it's very cold and your motor is having it's oil cooled you will cause more engine wear very fast by comparison. I saw some tests where the engines were cooled to the point of not being allowed to warm up, it was horrible. This wouldn't apply to you immediately...but added up over time...
you can always un hook the oil cooler too...

it has an inlet and an outlet... simply uplog the an fittings from both side- and get a middle piece to connect the two lines together- bypassing the cooler - for the winter. 15 min job- no custom work really...