Oil dripping from spark plug wires

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OK, my 93 civic coupe has had its rpms running low enough wanting to stall. I checked for any vacume leaks and checked all the easy stuff. I realized that i should look at my plugs since i already know that Im burning oil (bad rings). Its been 4mths of on and off racing since i checked my plugs. I pulled out my spark plug Wire and oil was dripping from it and it was soaked. The same for 1-3 cylinders but not the 4th. Pulled out the plugs and they were covered in oil. Anyway what is the cause of this? Valve cover gasket? Its not leaking on outside though. Cam gear gasket? Where would this leak most likely come from. Should I be concerned about my engine blowing?

Appreciate the help. :ph34r:


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There's also a seal on the inside of the valve cover that seals the connection around the plugs. Those seals could be bad, so you may need to Hondabond/RTV those suckers.
i have the same problem in #'s 3 & 4. its coming from the top part of the shaft, where the valve cover is, then it slides down towards the plugs. i had the valve cover gasket replaced before and the guy said it came with a set of other gaskets and seals which when installed, stopped the problem...and it did..til after a few valve adjustments. prolly should be replaced after every valve adj.


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yeah its cool now, Thats what needed to be replaced. I also changed out the plugs then took her on the interstate last night to open her up. Running like a champ now, but still wants to stall for the first 10 secs the car is turned on. Dont know why yet. <_<


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Oh yeah i was wondering.... I have my cataylic conv. and a resonator, then my exhaust. A guy told me yesturday that if i take out the resonator it would make a hell of a difference, then i talked to another guy because i was gonna gut out my catyl. conv. and he told me just to run a test pipe or straight pipe. He said i would lose some Top End power though. Whats you thoughts on this? :ph34r:


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i thought with a straight pipe you loose low end, but gain top end... am i right?