Oil flow / restriction / feed????

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So when i get on the gas really hard my turbo starts to smoke and smells like oil. I'm running an 18G and the stock greddy oil feed line / banjo fitting. Should i put a restictor in the line? i know this is posted a few posts down but it's not descritive enough, I just got the turbo rebuilt and i know the seals are fine, but i'm thinking it's getting to much oil. Right now i have a -3an line running fromt he block to the fire wall, brass T's on the fire wall with the stock greddy line running runing from that, my oil pressure is reading like 80 PSI at WOT, let me know what you guys think, I'm running like a -10 an return line, but i think the center of the turbo is filling with oil to fast.
i just redid the return, It's 100% straight down, I just think i'm getting to much oil feeding into the turbo, so i'm goign to order a restrictor. Maybe that will help out. Becuase it smokes like a mofo at WOT.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 23 2005, 11:05 AM
where is you pan tapped?
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All the way up top right under the turbo, it's on the small side of the pan, the dip stick inserts right infront of it, I'm showing 80 psi at WOT so i think thats the problem.
the i don't know what the problem could be, it's fine as long as i don't get on it, but once i get on it, it's like the oil isn't drianing fast enought and smoking / burning. looks like it's coming off the DP but i can't tell. I'm going to jack it up tonight and see if it's leaking or somthing because i do see a few oil spots under my car when i park.


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yeah, your return spot isn't ideal either. it should be at the top of the deep part by the timing belt side, about an inch in. from the right if you're looking at the bay...

this is a v8 pan or some shti, but it will work for explaination...


on the top of the picture... in between the1st and 2nd dot in is where it should be.

going clockwqise... 12" mark, dot dot on the bend, dot 1 bung dot 2.

make sense?