Oil Level Warning Light B16a

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After putting our B16a2 into a 1993 EG civic, I noticed that the red low oil warning light on the dash no longer works.
Does anyone know where on the engine this sensor is meant to be? I think we may not have connected it. (The light used to come on with all the other warning lights when the key was in the ignition position before switching the engine on.)


Your oil pressure sending unit is located on the back of the block underneath the intake manifold. It is a single wire sensor in between the knock sensor and the temp sensor.(just above and to the left of the oil filter) It is the smallest of the three and should be all metal (no plastic). Hope this helps. Also, is your vtec working correctly. vtec is based on oil pressure(unless you are using a RPM activated switch to run it) Good luck


VTEC is working fine and the oil is at the correct level. I just wondered why the light wasn't coming on. I think we may not have connected this properly.