Oil Pan Went Crunch

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I just finished the install on my 1990 DX, which still has stock suspension, and tonight I went through a construction zone, and out of nowhere(it was dark) hit the biggest bump of my life. I pulled into a lit parking lot, and saw a nice fat indent on my newly installed oil pan and header. I don't really care about the header(I am getting aftermarket ones, these are the JDM factory ones), but the oil pan has a 4"x3" indent, in the front, that is about 1" deep. I know this may affect the oil pump and oil flow in the engine, so i want to get a straight one. The yard where i got my TPS had a 1991 Teg, b18 with a blown motor. I am sur eI can get the pan for like $30. Will that fit onto a JDM B16A1? I was understanding that all B motors share certain things(like flywheels). Can anyone verify this? I can get a performance one, but after the swap, I am not looking forward to spending any $ for a little while, I just want to enjoy the car....BTW, I slayed a 96-97 Cobra tonight, felt good, he looked a little puzzled though, he was trying a kitted 97+ Lude, when I rolled on him. We both hit it, I walked(about 1-2 cars through 4th), and his girl was looking all funny at me, but they were not laughing. wait till you see the picts, you won't believe how this thing looks. White car, red hatch, dented drivers door, black bumpers, full height, and the stock peashooter exhaust with the rusted off tip. I get tried by all the neons and focus, but I prefer the innocent bystanders the best...


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contact the city you were in and tell them you hit a pot hole and it messed up your oil pan. my friend bent his rim in a pot hole and the city replaced the rim.