Oil pressure light

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West West Yall
90 Civic Si, OBD1 Mini-Me Z6.

Ever since I did my Mini-Me swap the oil pressure light in the dash didn't work.

I even put the OBD0 ECU back in and it didn't work.

So today with normal city driving all of the sudden it came on. It didn't sound any different and it seemed as happy as can be.

My dad quickly drove it into a parking lot and I checked the oil in the crankcase and its right up to the full line.

Then I took off the oil fill cap while running and oil spat out and it looked well lubricated in there.

Then we shut it off and went for dinner for 45 mins. We came back and fired it up and no light.

It doesn't come on when the ignition is set to "on" too there is just no light at all.

The only thing I can think of is my wiring.

What do you think?


..is grounded.
yeah....i think you might be right with the wiring guess. nothing else seems to make sense unless it's the oil pump.. :shrug2: just did a little digging and found this: "if the oil pump is able to create oil pressure at highway speed and while the oil is cool, there is nothing wrong with the oil pump." that might be good news. :D what weight oil are you running?
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West West Yall
10W30 I think.

Maybe I got the fan switch and oil pressure switch screwed up at the back of the block.

I'll check over everything at the light of day.


West West Yall
Shit, that would make sence because my fan went crazy when I first started it.

It kicks on when the car is on the "on" position and goes weird if it makes any sence.