ok i don't understand what is up here

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Ok i am so lost now. if you don't know i have a b16 in my 97 civic. i was having some cel issues with my o2 senosr but that is fixed now so i put my chipped p28 back on and it is still acting so shitty, forgive me but it is. i have no cleck engine lights and it is backfiring and sputtering and almost stalling. here is the deal i put my stock ecu (p2e) and it starts with no problems i have tons of cel code because it is an obd1 engine with an obd2 ecu. i turn the key and it starts with one little turn. i put the p28 and it takes a while for it to start. so i figured it was a timing problem. got the timing light out and put it in timing with the obd2 ecu but it still had a small miss that you can only hear out of the exhaust. put the obd1 p28 back on it and it still took for ever to start put the timing on point with the timing light and still the same thing it is back firing and stalling and sputtering. i know i need to get it tuned but i can't even drive it the way it is. what should i check to help me out? my dad said it sounds like an electrical miss could it be the chip in my p28?
Try moving your distributor forword or back alittle. if that doesnt work check your plugs and wires. while your at it check the rotor in the distributor.
lol i moved it from all the way from the front to all the way to the back, the dizzy plugs and wires are all brand new so rules that out. read the thread tho it is something to do with timeing of the ecu thanks for the input tho
If ithe ECU is chipped, its probably dumping too much fuel and making your ECU freak and run like shit.