Ok Swap Is Up And Running....but...

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When I started doing the wiring, I noticed the TPS sensor had snapped off, so i looked at the harness, and the other end was in it. Apparently, it had snapped during the ship. I bet you all knew that neither Honda nor Acura sell that part, you have to buy the whole throttle body. I went to a yard and retrieved one out of a 91 teg with a blown 1.8. I had to remove the rivets(I bet that's how the are in the states), and it kinda lined up, but you could tell it was putting a little tension on the throttle plate, making it kinda open. Anywho, the car runs, I fixed all the CEL's, except the one for the TPS sensor. It idles high, and every couple of minutes, the CEL goes out, the RPM's drop to normal, and the the CEL lights back up, and it's the TPS again. It is making the car run rich, as noted by the black smoke when I hit high into the V-TEC. I am thinking of modifying the TPS, by drilling out the holes so it lines up better, and yes I swapped the 2 wires because it is backwards from the DX. Does anyone know what other cars have a perfect match, or anyone had this problem. I would love to buy a new one, does anyone make an aftermarket one? Thanks again, Jim
That link doesn't work, are you being serious? How could you set it, it doesn't really have any movement to it. Please reply with a valid link if your serious. Thanks, Jim