Ok.....Time for Canada to REPRESENT!!!


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As much as no one is going to reply to this, I'll give it a try.

I hail from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Tied for first for the biggest club scene in the world (with London, England), and home of some of the hottest women in the world. We have everything here, including some of the hottest and fastest sport compacts.

Why no one posts in this forum is totally beyond me. Maybe its the total lack of Canucks on this site, or maybe theres nothing to talk about.

Well how about this: (Im sure someone has tried this before).....

Where do you hail from, what do you drive, and a reason why you live in Canada and not the USA.

I'll go first:
1) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2) 93 Civic DX Hatch, JDM B16A SiRII, ITR Final Drive, Clutchmasters Stage 3, AEM CAI, Apexi WS Exhaust, 16" Motegi MR7,.......blah blah blah.
3) Our women are hotter, and our beer is stronger (and better).

Alright, can't say I didn't try!


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Originally posted by adnoh@May 27 2004, 03:24 PM
3) Our women are hotter, and our beer is stronger (and better).

I'm not from Canada, but I like your Molson Broder... :) I picked up my LSD tranny from a shop up near you. You need to recruit some of your fellow Canadians for this site!


Blah blah blah....
I don't live in Canada either, but I want to make a trip up there and go to a junkyard and scavenge some regualr seatbelts out of a canadian intergra, I hate my automatic ones. :spin:


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I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
I have a Stock 1997 Prelude

I live in Quebec, because i'm here. There's not any reason why i live here.
But i have to say one thing...the women are much more HOT in QUEBEC! Sorry...


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Originally posted by ovcrash@Jun 1 2004, 10:14 AM

But i have to say one thing...the women are much more HOT in QUEBEC! Sorry...

Mabey in your plethora of stip bars, but T.O. has that shit on lockdown!
But the rippers in Quebec do ROCK!

What do my fellow Canadians, and informed American's, think of the new ERASE program being layed down by the government, targeting drivers of modified vehicles? Do you guys know any details? I hear that cops now have the authority to rip parts off your car on the spot! Anyone heard of this??

And Molson beer is ok.....Labatt is better.....and the best Canadian beer IMO is Creemore Springs. I could literally bathe in that stuff. :beer:

Canuck 93 Civic Si

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I just moved from northern Ontario to Mississauga. Molson XXX is my staple food, Canadian girls kick so much ass its not even funny and the snow if so much fun for driving in the winter.

My car is a 93 civic Si, soon to be powered by an LS/VTEC/Turbo ( being built in my bedroom :D ) and later to have all four wheels powered a la CRV drive train for the winter and the road course.

BTW, I think there should be a southern On meet soon. I dont mind another kegger getting out of hand just before I move out of this place. The move happens before Sept 1st, lets hear some support from HondaNation for the party so plans can be put into motion!

Im dead serious about this


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i live in VT and go to schoool in norther NY 20 min from the Canadan border.. i am gettin soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of this snow man, i dono how u guys can love it up there. it gets too dang anoying watchin my cars get cancer every winter...... im goin down south when i grad. college this year..


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Calgary alberta 20 mins from the best boarding and biking in the world!
and some of the best wheeling also!
91 civic hb, 83suxuki sami wheeling truck, 84 sj410 (sone to be a bigger wheeling truck, 54 chevy coup, 93 intrepid (daily for now) and a pimping 92 dodge minivan


1) Mississauga, Ontario

2)89 Civic Zc soon to be Turbo

3)The girls are hot. Yes the beers good, But I live for the snow

So how bout that meet? Watch out for P.A.C.E.R boys