Old Job Paying Me Still

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the other day my dad was telling me that my old job, Ericsson (cell phone manufacturer) was trying to contact me so they could send me money. i was like "ummmm ok??". so he gave me the number and i called them up yesterday. i speak to the lady there that has my "check" that i am getting and she informs me that its some kinda money i put away (i dont remember doing but sure i will take it) whan i worked there. she also tells me its a little less than $5,000. i was like :eek: and got really happy. so she said she would mail it to me and i should get it either monday or tuesday of next week. now, depending on how much it is, i have come up with a few options:

-fix up my 1993 Ford Escort GT and keep that for awhile
-buy another car (most likely a 92-95 Civic..hb, coupe or sedan...i dont care) and keep the Escort GT and fix it up (the Escort) as my show car.
-buy a 92-95 Civic, part out the Escort, use the money from parting it and use that money to "fix up" the Civic.

those are my options i have. now i really wont know what to do until i know exactly how much that check is for, but the lady i spoke with made it seem it was quite a bit. so my question from you all is, what shall i do?? (i prolly know the answer anyways...LOL)
man your one lucky somama beatch!!! well if it was me i wouldnt tell people i drive and escort and sell that thing or leave it as a daily driver, andi would buy a hatch put a swap it that!!
it was probably from a 401k or pension plan you were enrolled in while working for them.

Why dont you invest it :)
Originally posted by sisteve@Feb 21 2003, 05:13 PM

Why dont you invest it :)


$5000 invested properly=more money=bad-ass car with go fast goodies......

sounds like a winner......
You have to understand about investing before you invest or your money is taken. You can pay an advisor, but they see an idiot coming and fuck you worse!
c'mon, i'm sure you know what response you'll get on this board :)
get the civic, build that batch!!!
sell the escort, sorry, but i hate those cars...