old LS engine


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I have an old LS engine, out of my teg. I want to do something with it. money is a factor, but Im not sure how much I want to spend on it yet.

Should I:
build an all motor LS?

Build a LS/VTEC?

Which would be cheaper, and yield more HP?


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who knows which will be cheaper, it all depends on if your paying retail or not for something and weather you can go with used parts or no, or if you even should.

I would build the LS bottom and get a cheap b16 complete head, ecu, IM, etc..


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reckedracing, dude, start your own thread.

Ive been looking into allmotor LS' for awhile. running somewhere around 12.5:1 comp, and shit. But recently experienced VTEC (thanks shortbusrebel07 and ef9civicgen4). So it kinda tore me away, Ill probably go with B16 head, 11.1:1 comp pistons, eagle rods, golden eagle mfg, lsvtec kit, str fuel rail, 1G DSM injectors, UR pulleys, AEBS intake mani, ICEMAN cold air, thermal R&D classic ex., GSR cams, titnium retainers, dual springs valves. Thats prolly it. or close it it.


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Go with the LS/VTEC im building one too.
B18a1 block, PR3 pistons(11.6:1), arp rod bolts, new oem main bearings, B16a head, P&P, skunk2 valvetrain with skunk2 stage 3's, Skunk2 I/M, 4-1 Header, FPR, Y1 tranny, ACT clutch, ACT flywheel 8.8lbs. Looking to pull 12's ALL-MOTOR.


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All i can say is after driving this GSR theres almost no way to keep your self from taping that8k rpm mark, im glad i got a GS-R and didint do an LS/Vtec. If i was you i would do the all motor Ls nd try and keep its power curve within its RPM range


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The Ls/Vetec would be cheaper and yield more power. I have a spare LS too that I was thinking of dropping into an old hatch for fun. If it's just going to be a beater swap to keep miles off of your main project I'd just drop it in as is.


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I want to to all motor LS, because I already have a LS head, and I wont need to go out and buy a vtec head, and I sort of wanted to stay away from the machine shop as much as I can, because they charge an arm and a leg because they are the only one round here, and the do work on mostly domestics, rarely a honda. I could basically install pistons, bearings, check tolerances and all that my self, i was thinking of getting sleeves, which I a machine shop basically has to do, and the PnP I cant do, and the valve job I cant do. other wise I can install valve springs, retainers, and valves my self. I just need something to really keep me busy, I get really bored, and dont like working on my car, because i dont really have much time, just an hour here and there, so working an hour here and there I can really get a lot done on the LS engine, not risking working on my car, cause if something breaks, I need to be able to depend on my car.
Basically I want to sit around and build stuff for the car and make it a drag car.