OMG, the ugliest Audi I've ever seen

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There is more mesh on the front than in my porch door.

The color, while not fitting to that car, is neat. It's like VW Vapor with an even heavier pearl. Not bad choices, just wrong for the car.

He prolly had an idea for another car, couldn't afford it, and decided to go ahead with what he had.

And the tails are unique.

-> S


The Trisexual
the ass reminds me of a neon.

I wonder if the audi symbols are supposed to be the light changing shit.

I didn't even bother reading the description.


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paint job looks clean but the front end EWWWW thats to much grill if ya know what I mean lol


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id say thats cool if it wasnt a real car like a concept or one from a movie but if i saw it in person :hitit: with something hard


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Well I agree that the front grill is way to big. The back end needs something to break up the blue so that it doesn't look so damn boxy. Like an emblem or something I don't know. It seems to me that he took a car with nice lines and made it into a big box. Kind of a waste. The paint is kinda cool though.