Omnipower Coilover System


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I'm talking about the full coilover kit that omnipower makes. It sells on K-teller's Website for around 650. I know that you usually get what you pay for, and that seems inexpensive for a coilover set, but I've also heard some good things about omnipower valvesprings. I figure they may just be a really good deal. Any thoughts regarding the coilover system, or omnipower or k-teller in general would be appreciated.


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I wanna get a set for my GSR but i have tickets, i have heard pretty much nothing but good things. The guy used to work for skunk but broke away after a dispute im sure.


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Arturbo uses them on his drag car, and he's competing on the professional level. I've heard a lot of decent things about Omnipower too.


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I have the Sport version on my 89 Hatch. You get way more than what you payed for.
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I am not sure the dyno results are going to get published here, but I know the word from our Koni-employed and trusty HT member is that he was surprised at the Omnipower setup, and felt that it was a good value and well done for the money that's being charged for them.

In other words, Koni would not be prepared to offer you the equivalent system for the same amount of money.

Does that help at all?


Never heard anything bad about Omnipower. They look exactly like the Skunk2's to me....

I think it's a big conspiracy. Omnipower and Blox are just Skunk2 products in a different box, with a different sticker on them.