On A Hunt For A Valve Spring Compressor That Works

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I never thought locating a tool could be such a pain in the ass. The first time I asked this question I was pointed to eBay. All they have are the spring compressors that I have already tried and non of them work. The supports on the head and the head walls are to high and too close to the spring to get anything to hold on. (Thank you Honda). So I went to NAPA. They sold me a tool for small engines that wouldn't hold onto the springs. I have tried tools like this:

I have tried the C clamp that goes around the head. Nothing works. So I went to Borman Honda here in Las Cruces to ask a mechanic what they use. The Secretary for the techs said "There is no way that I am going to interrupt a tech so you can talk tools with him" after telling me that "That is an awfully hard job, you should bring it to us and have us do it." I am at wits end, no one knows what tool to use or they won't tell me. Please help. Someone has to know of the correct tool.
tell that bitch to suck it.. and you wanna talk to a tech. or tell her you want a tech to come out and listen to some "weird" noise coming from your car.. .and then ask him what to use :P
I already told her that I was never coming back to Borman Honda again. I have drafted a letter to their general manager telling him of the poor service I recieved there. I am going to go talk to the Honda Dealer in El Paso tomorrow. The Honda Dealer in Longmont found some tools in a 94 Del Sol VTEC service manual (Thank you Chris, next time you are here, beer is on me):
Snap On - CF711 but that part number is not on the Snap On Site.
KaDee 383. I can't find a KaDee tools site (or KayDee or KD).
With both tools they say you need #32 jaws. I can't find any reference to these jaws anywhere either.
If only my damn Helms Manual would get here I would have been able to find this. Thanks to real9999 from www.g2ic.com for the info. Honda produces an adapter that works with some standard valve spring compressors.
For NON-VTEC: 07757-PJ1010A $17.80

They can be had at http://www.acuraautomotiveparts.org (they felt the need to have a .org extension).

EDIT: The "Spring Compressor" that I had a part number up for that was supposed to work on VTEC heads is nothing more than a thick washer with a bolt. It doesn't do shit.
I am back on the hunt (see above editted post) if you have successfully used any type of valve spring compressor on your DOHC VTEC Honda head please let me know where you got it, what it looks like, and how much you paid for it. Thanks.
g00d luck on finding that stuff, I need to learn the ways...so post where you get it please
Will do.
The head is off so it doesn't have to work with the head on the block.
So far I have talked to 1 local machine shop, 1 local repair shop (non-brand specific), 2 Honda dealers (local and in Colorado) and one Acura dealer in GA. No one knows of a tool that works.
Here is a Sears part number for a "overhead valvespring compressor".. It has no pic on their site, but its only 15 bucks. Cant hurt to try it or something.

Sears #: 00947704000

Good luck on finding one :)

Here is one from Snap-on site:


Part #: VST100
The snap on tool won't work, i have tried one like that. It can't hold onto the springs. And the part from sears is for an overhead valve engine, not overhead cam. Thanks though.
make you own i will get the dimmensions and try to scan a pic tommorow it can be done but it is hard to use and make and you need a welder
My Helms was finally delivered yesterday. It all makes sense now. The part I had listed for VTEC heads is an extension to the standard jaws that Honda uses.
So to make any standard valve spring compressor work for any B series NON VTEC head you need:
07757-PJ1010A which runs $17.80
To work on a B series VTEC head you also need:
07MAF-PR9010A which runs $12.45
as well as the part listed for the NON VTEC heads.