one f'in inch?


A mere inch of snow was all it took to cripple North Carolina's capital — and prompt plenty of finger-pointing Thursday as the city thawed from the surprise storm that caused gridlock and left 3,000 students stranded in classrooms overnight.



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LMAO, theres supposed to be 10-12 inches tomorrow. I know they're fuckin terrible down south with any kind of inclimate weather. I drove down there last year or something like that, and drove through one of the hurricanes. People couldn't stay in there lane and most of them ended up pulling over of seekinig cover under a bridge. I continued to drive right through, just slowed done a bit.

I love it when it snows somewhere like that, it's actually very entertaining, even just to watch their faces while attempting to drive.


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HAHAHHAHAHAH yeah in ohio, atleast in cincy they close down fuckin highways and all streets for 5 law you cant leave your house.


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hahah, id tell them to go fuck themselves.

I was doing donuts the day it snowed in so museum parking lot, and seen some stupid motherfuckers riding bikes, as soon as I began to leave the County Sheriff flicks the cherries on. But he asked where the bikers were. He actually cited them for uhhmmm "riding too fast for conditions", I actually don't know what it was for but they had a fine. They were even fully clothed with all safety equiptment and helmets, so I dunno what he could have gotten them for.


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there was actually some ice. it snowed, melted, and refroze quickly. it snowed during rush hour so the snow plow trucks couldnt get around, and the fact people around here dont know how to drive in snow. IT TOOK PEOPLE 2 HOURS TO MOVE 1 MILE!!! some people had to spend a night at school also because the buses were sliding off the road.

***btw im glad i stayed home that day. took my mom 5 hours to get home from work; usually a 30 minute trip.


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wow, they won't close the schools down unless there's about a foot of snows on the MAIN streets. as soon as the snow starts falling, the plows are out. and when the plows can't get around, then they might close things down. so i end up driving through between 8 to 10 inches of snow on the way to school every now and then.


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back in high school i wrote a mean leter to the super intendant. it was because of a snow storm and i "almost died" becaus ehe didnt cancel skool. so for the rest of the season if it started to snow we left early. even tho i got suspended for 5 days its was worth callin him a dick. plus when i got back to skool all the teachers and kids thanked me for doing what i did.
damn Sal Corda


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I figured out it wasn't towards me, they stopped kickin me out or giving me any type of punishment for the time I actually went to school.


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I would curse at my teacher's, principles, random little motherfucker's walking down the hall whenever I felt like it. They kicked me out once for it and when they did I told him to "go to FUCKING hell", so he added 2 days, then I told him he's gonna "go home and take in the ass" and he added 2 more days, it kept going till I had 10 days out, then I came back and seen him in the hall and blatently said "FUCK YOU", walked around the hall and passed him again "FUCK YOU AGAIN".

They gave up completely on kicking me out.