one hell of a swap!


I'm a gun addict now.
seen it before... but i just realized that thing is in Indiana... and it looks rather familiar.

I used tow ork at meijer with a guy that dropped a V8 into his old school Cavalier and it torque steered everywhere...

I'm wondering if that guy moved to Marion and swapped his new Cavalier (he got a yellow one just like that) <_<


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That radiator is in the worst possible location it could be. If you don't mind replacing a radiator after every speed bump(including fluids) then hey it's not a problem for you
10 mpg? :ghey:
His reason for building it was kinda cool though.


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yeah i love how he made it sound like it would be something you'd like to drive often. i doubt it takes the turns too well and i'm surprised the stock suspension can handle that weight up front. nice engineering though


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not too bad for a cavalier. the swap looks clean and well done, not some hack job like a lot of V8 conversions.


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"This car was origianally built to resemble a Muscle Machine at the request of our 9 year old son. This car will be sold as is due to extreme modifications and high performance features. "

At the request of his 9 year old son ? Holy shit, That's one spoiled brat.

-> Steve