?? One little flash... then nothing ??

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I've got a 91 CRX (was DX... now running b16(1st gen)/PW0 ECU/YS1 Tranny(LSD)/etc...

Everything was good for a little while (few weeks) then I pull into the driveway and turn off the car to go open my garage and pull it in... when I get back to the car I turn the key in the ignition and just past the ACC all the gauge lights light up (like normal when starting)... then nothing... I mean nothing... all the power to the whole car is gone... as gone as if you disconnected the battery completely. Figured blown fuse so checked all of them and found nothing wrong. Then thought disconnected wire... checked and can't find any problems (no ground wires disconnected that I could find at least)... but the car is totally dead.

Then a day later I go out to give it another try... and same thing happens again... I have power at ACC but as soon as the Ignition turns to start position everything goes dead and doesn't come back for about 8 hours or more!?!?! It doesn't crank, you can't even turn on the radio or an interior light for that matter. Is this a shorting/partial ground problem as I suspected or is there something else I should be checking. Like I say everything else is/was running great until I turned it off 3 days ago!
you have a bad battery connection. it might have came loose while you were driving. disconnect the battery, clean the battery terminals, clean the battery post, and connect the battery again but make sure you tighten the terminals down. not too tight but say a 1/4 turn past a snug tight. this should solve your problem.
Thanks for the input, but battery and termials are new and well connected... everything is good there and tests perfect. Next thing I'm thinking is the actual ignition switch may be shorting or worn... so I'll be checking the connections and harness between there and the fusebox next (once it cools down - its 105 outside right now and since my driveway is on an incline I can't get the car in my garage). :(