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Hi Folks,
I have had quite a few cars in my life, and I really liked the Hondas,
Toyotas and Saabs the best.
Lately I had a fantastically gorgeous Saab Aero taken from me by a
chance meeting with moose here in mid-northern Vermont - I was
very, very spoiled by the comfort and power of that car.

My dilemma:
I really love a car that is spunky, gets like 25mpg+, has a hatchback
and 4 doors - has plenty of cargo space, but can still get up the big
hills here in Vermont at a 'healthy' speed.
The Saab Aero or 9000 turbo is a great fit, but can be too demanding
of the wallet and in it's maintenance needs.
Naturally, a Japanese car might be a better choice as far as needs go....

So - my question - which Honda that I might find in the approximately
10 year old age range might be like this - opinions, please ?

Also - I am open to other kinds of cars that might fit my description,
while still being reliable and easy to maintain - all opinions welcome.


Unfortunately the only 4-door wagons that Honda has made in the last 10 years has been the Accord Wagon, which is difficult to find, and will be... ah... lackluster in the power department.

Have you looked into the Subaru WRX Wagon? Grab one o dem and an STi transmission and you're golden... and AWD Turbo. :)
Right now, 'money' and 'got' don't fit in the same sentence for me -
but I can borrow about $1000 total for the right rig....are you selling
something that might be helpful ??
(BTW, I meant 4 or 5 door, but not a wagon !)


You want to replace an Aero wagon with something for $1000 ?

Move along, nothing to see here. I would get real about what i'm doing, and then get a Civic hatch. For that price you'll find a 1988-1991 hatch. Take care of it, it will take care of you and you can seave mroe money to get something that you want.

And lemme tell ya, as a partial WRX wagon owner, if you can't maintain $1000 in your bank account at all times, the WRX isn't for you. not trying to be snotty, but the car fucking attacks us for money at the pumps and in it's needs. I curbed the BBS's this weekend at the beach, and now I'm in financial ruin.

-> Steve
yeah for 1k id get a rex, im not THAT big a fan of the pre 92 civic hatches, but rex's are hot
Originally posted by micah@Jun 29 2005, 10:13 AM
yeah for 1k id get a rex, im not THAT big a fan of the pre 92 civic hatches, but rex's are hot
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My advice is still the same for people that don't particularly like them - They are cheap, and reliable and can get you around without complaint while you save up for what you want. in 6 years the prices have hovered at $1000 or less, so if you take care of it you can sell it and break even. And that's just smart.

-> S


I used to be able to fit a good amount of shit in the crx. I fit a power washer (commercial grade not some home deepthroat special) in the hatch. I have heard of people moving engines in crxes.
The hatches are cheap as shit and will last for a while. I would buy one but I am not in the mood to drive an old ass honda anymore unless its a crx.

My 91 hatchie is one of the best cars I've owned, hands down. doesn't do anything fabulous, but it does everything well. I've also piled stolen (Read: Quickly jamming in) pallets, truckfulls of milk crates, you name it. The back seat isn't that bad either.

And I NEVER wanted a back seat in the CRX until I had it in Chicago and my friend and I met this chick that had to get to Indiana, and I happened to be going through it. She wouldn't sit on his lap for 2 hours though. I also think she may have been a con artist.

But now my Civic is staying in the family - I got it back from my father, now my mother will be driving it. That car is always available when another car shits the bed or we need it for something. Old Faithful.

-> Steve
Hi Folks.
It is funny that somehow I gave the impression that the Aero was a wagon.
The Aero was a 5-door/hatchback, not a wagon.
It was the perfect car for me, and every last dime I had went into it - a
once in a lifetime chance to get the perfect car as it's second owner; but
not enough left for full insurance in a state with LOTS of moose.
'Nuff said.

The 1000 I will use will be all from a credit card - that's all I got left for
a while.

Is there such a thing as a Civic or a CRX with a/c ?
It seems like a picky/fussy question, but my old Prelude had it, and if
I don't have a/c I literally get sick from the summer heat.

Thanks for the ideas folks !

Originally posted by hybrid89@Jul 5 2005, 07:05 PM
yes, all si models have A/C and i believe on the dx models it was an option in those years (88-91)
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My CRX si lacks A/C. I doubt it's a special delete. Dealer installed AC? I don't think so. The fittings in the firewall, the dash mods and shit.. no way.

The Aero was a 5-door/hatchback, not a wagon.

Keep tellin yourself that :)

-> St Stephen