Out with the D15b7 and in with the D15 jdm v-tech

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I have been looking for a decent D16z6 to swap into my D15b7 car and I found a complete cradle D15(jdm vtec) with trans and everything, so I think I'm going to do this. It should be a direct cradle swap, no? I was wondering if there are any walkthroughs online for this?

It'd prob be pretty simple? Just wiring disconnects, drop cradle, install new cradle, wire vtec solenoid, and replace ecu.... that all?

Any tips and advice would be great... thanks..

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vtec stands for a series of words. it's called an acronym. if you can place the "h" for me, i will rep you.

but to answer your question, yes it will drop right in. yes, there are a lot of guides here in the FAQ's. Also, considering getting a "helms" manual. it's what the dealers use. A haynes or chilton will work in a pinch. it's good to have for any car you own.
if you are putting a jdm engine in then all the wiring has to be extended. because the jdm cars are wired opposite of us. cars........
Yes the stock harness will work. Just check what D15B block u have. there were 3 kinds of them made. All producing diffrent amounts of HP. Some were 102HP other were 130. Also check to see if you have the oil presure switch, some of the D15B's did not come with 1 and they will throw a Cell 22 or 23 code. Also you will need the stock P08 or P28 brain. Then u will need to wire the VTEC sylinoed to A4, basicly loop the wire threw the harness clamp. Then take your postive off the oil swtich which should be the green1 and wire it to D6. again looping it.

The A harness has 26 pins, the D is the next biggest with B in the middle on a p28. Other then that enjpy VTEC at 4800 RPMS till 7200 RPMS were u hit fuel/ redline cut off inless ya get ya ECU chipped then the motor is good to 8,900 or atleast as far as i go with mine! :p
I just recently put a d15b into my hatch, every thing was fine and dropped in nice. only thing i had to do was wire in the vtec cause my hatch is a cx not wired for vtec. I am very happy with my results.
i gotta 91 civic hatch and im bout to do the d15 vtec swap...and i was basically wonderin the same thing .. if the was any diagrams on how to wire up the vtec and stuff...and which ecu is the best to use ???
theres writeups all over but theres more wiring for ef's. youll have to convert to mpfi depending on wat model you have
i got the dpfi what will i need to do to convert it to mpfi???
i think u juss need to extend some wires and add vtec,knock sensor ,and vtec pressure switch..you can juss add extra wire to make it easier right into your computer
Last I checked I made a nice write up for the swap LMAO, second a P28 works ok to start, but I would recomend getting a p08 Map insted because it will open the D15B alot :)