over heating and other problems

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Ok, i'm so upset, i don't know what it could be.......i need your help!!

92 civic hatch with a B20 vtec GSR head.......

The car over heats while cruising around 75mph then it goes back down to normal and sometimes below normal operating temps.......if it starts to over heat on the highway, and i put the car in neutral and coast at 75mph, the temp jumps way up then as soon as i put it back in gear, the temp goes back down. After a long highway drive, the car will start to over heat even at idle, i'm so confused :blink:

The car also has a problem with the headlights, tail lights, and dash lights flickering, not sure what the problem is there either, i'm not sure if these 2 problems could be related or not.

I'm sure i've left some info out so if you need more info, just ask.......

Please help, any input would be great.


I would say that you have a short somewhere. If your lights and crap are flickering it might be effecting your radiator fan. I had a similar problem with my turbo'd rex. The temp would be really low till i was on the highway, then it would jump up real quick. My temp gage needle sat just less than 3/4 of the way up. If anything, i would start there.


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ya check the thermo stat mine is doing the same thing right now I think its just my thermo sticking at least I hope if its electrical imma have to call up my buddy...we rewired my whole interior harness so I hope its not that lol


theremostat would be an easy start. Mine still overheated with a new one in it any way. But it is still a start.


I put a new thermostat in it prior to making this post and it didn't do anything, i forgot to mention that, i'm sure that it is a short somewhere but i have no idea how to find it or where to start.......

What about the water pump? or would the car always over heat if the water pump went bad?



is thermo in the right way?
who assembled the motor?
pull a compression test to check for blown head gasket...

how old is radiator?
let your car sit and idle and listen for the fan to come on...
but keep an eye on the temp


ok, the car will overheat on the highway but as soon as i turn the heat on, the temp drops right away and stays at normal operating temp.....i know that turning the heat on would help but i didn't realize it would make it run at normal temp, any opinions on that??