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Ok, heres the deal. 89 D16a1 rebuilt w/ stock internals. Bored .020 over, and the head is milled .020. K26 turbocharger, custom turbo manifold. External w/g With johnny race car FMIC. chipped pm6 running turboedit basemap. 450cc dsm injectors.

I did a compression test, 225 225 220 225. I did a leakdown test. 2% on all 4. H/G isnt blown. The thermostat is gutted. Im running a dual core hf radiator. The water pump is new, but it makes kind of a funny but hardly noticalbe gurgleing noise. Im thinking... maybe its not working right or the impeller is rotating on the shaft.... is that even possible?

also, i keep my fan on consistantly. I put it on the outside of the engine bay to start, than moved it to the inside. I also put in some water wetter. none of this helped. Ive tried it with my ignition retarted slightly and also with it advanced. i dont have a timeing light so i dont know what it is.

It overheats in boost or not. If im going down the interstate it overheats. If i dont go anything above 50 mph or so in 5th gear it stays around 1/2 way up on the guage. as soon as i get on it say after 1 or 2 pulls through 3rd gear its up 2/3ds or higher, and itll get all the way to the red if i dont let of and go really easy on it.

This is all on a 1g crx hf, with integra wireing. Thanks for any help



only thing i would think would be the timing. im assuming the radiator is new, and you said you gutted the thermo. maybe you have an air bubble in your coolant?
yeah the radiator is brand new. i installed it about 2 weeks ago.

its a dual core del sol, i said hf but i ment delsol.

as for an air bubble, its possible, but i bled the coolant a shitload so i doubt it. my timeing might be off, i need to get it checkd with a timeing light...

yeah im sure my fan works. i keep it on allways.....

im going to go to the local honda dealership, a good buddy of mine works there, he said hell hook me up with this little test they do, for the oil, basically it checks if theres coolant in it.

but yeah, it could be an air pocket. i bled the system a hundred times, but that doent necessiarly mean there is no air in the system.