oversized headgasket

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okay, so I am almost to the point of getting my head back on my block. b18a1 top and bottom. I had the cylinders bored to 81.5mm. I know that honda makes oversized oem pistons, but do they sell gaskets for them? or are the oem gaskets made to fit the oversized pistons as well? I have the oem one, but I'll have to order up another oversized one if the standard oem is not going to work for the 81.5mm. Give me some info. I'm also going to call the dealer, and a tech I know, but if any of you have a quick and easy answer. I appreciate it. I'm just confused why honda would sell oversized pistons but not gaskets for them. thanks.
I'm using custom cp's, but the piston doesn't protrude into the chamber, if that is what you are worried about the piston doing. I think the PCTs do. I was making sure, thanks.