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sorry, i had to. lol
H-T is down


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i don't like H-T.com much...too many people on their just talking shit and just give a 1 word answer or an icon as their answer to a technical question...i specially hate the classifieds cuz you get like 10 billion people "bumping" each others posts...


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there are some smart guys on H-T. Lots of BS posts though. They don't let you ask new questions, everyones favorite response is "search". It makes sense often, but it's also very annoying.


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Honda tech is kinda ghey. they never really respond with an answer plus alot of the people there are nazi's. One time I asked about a replica strut bar and because it was a replica they were bitching at me saying the thread should not be in tech but anything goes. There classifieds are large but they are impossible to find anything because people bump ever minute. Also I hate the style board they have, you can never find out what posts you've read and which ones you haven't.

read this question that I have been trying to pull out of people but they never give a good answer...
HA rust problem

They always just have tons of side convos


I go back like Aqua Net.
yeah i hate h-t. everytime i have a good tech question everyone answers it. those bastards. i honestly think its just certain forums. the 4th gen forum isn't bad at all where as the ITR forum is awful.


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I didnt get that message, I got this one :