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has any one seen the OZ F1's? Do you think they would look good on a 1990 Integra (4door). Wrapped in Yokohoma Parada Spec-2's? In the size 215/40R17's.... I think they would.


definatly a nice looking wheel but they are pretty heavy 17x7 = 22.6lbs

but if your looking for 17's i guess you really dont give a fuck about performance anyway
have you looked at the superleggera's? They only weigh 10.7 lbs per wheel and they do come in a nice dark silver. although i do like the F1's look better but the weight out weighs it.
OZ Chronos are very nice. The 18"s way less than 20lb's.
but most OZ's suck for civics and small cars like that. They are all to big. For cars like audi's, bmw's and other bigger sports sadans, OZ's are great.
b, i thought that you were going to do the 5 lug conversion so you dont snap shit under the trq of the LS turbo
if i snap a lug i will never drive a car again, because the power will simply over whelm me.

you have a better chance of snapping a lug tuning your car stock at 45 mph than i would with made horse y0
snapping a lug is nearly impossible.

thats the last thing brian needs to worry about.
i'd consider 15's. get 15 x 7's with 205-50-15's because that tire/wheel combination will probably yield the best performance while keeping the unsprung weight to a minimum.

what car is this on?

i guess with preludes and bigger vehicles, 16's are ok, but you're increasing the outward mass which ultimately kills horsepower.
if you can afford a new rsx, then go with volks or another high performance forged wheel...

regamasters, spoon, mugen, etc all make strong, lightweight forged wheels.

otherwise, go with rota's, a cheap alternative that is relatively lightweight.