p28-a02 obd-2 ecu

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the ecu looks like the obd-2 ecus with 3 rows of pins it looks exactly like this
and says p28-ao2 and the dizzy plug is a 1 plug dizzy also. i can take pics if you want??



probably took a asticker from a p28 and put in on a y8 ecu.

ao2 = usa. thus, you can't even get around saying that its from another country.


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p 28 ecu

I also have a p28 Ao4 out of a 1997 civic del sol. Im also trying to find out about obd1 or 2 it looks like obd2 and should be by fed law, anything after 96 is suppose to be.


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i ve run in a tune shop with my b18c1 (with problem) and the dude told me to find a p28 to chip and ehance potential of my baby ! is he right or a complete dumbass


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obd2 p28

there is such thing as a obd2 p28 they are just rear and came in del sol 96+