p30 b18c1 questions, Need help/answers!!! Please!! :)

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Ok, i bought a 98 civic hatch with a b18c1 swap, everything was done very well and the car has been solid. Recently we had a serious rain and water got in my kick panel and shorted my ECU (took me a while to figure out) anyway, my question is why would there be a JDM P30 ECU in a b18c1 swap? The ECU appears stock although im not sure how to tell aside from it is not socketed so i guess thats why i assume its stock. Wouldn't it be better to run a gsr ecu? If i were to get a gsr ecu is it possible that the car is setup specifically for that ecu? There is an OBD1-2 adapter, i have an aftermarket skunk 2 intake manifold with the sensor disconnected (the harness doesnt even fit the plug on the manifold but it throws no check engine light. I read in order to run a P30 on a b18 you must have an aftermarket intake manifold. I found a jdm p30 and am probably going to buy it but i wanted some advice before pulling the trigger, i also want to make sure my ecu truely is stock(if pssible). What is the advantage of running a p30? redline? since its JDM i figure there are some other differences. Also the ecu was vinal wrapped for some unknown reason (which is why i thought it was tuned). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, my car hasnt run in the last 5 days and i am really wanting to get her up and running asap!
I will post pictures as a reply to this post
So aside from the obvious, pics are in order, ECU sticker on both sides of case, ECU serial/type, whole snap shot of ECU, close up of the small board, close up of the IC's that are crossed out for some reason, and the back of the small board. as you can see it looks stock and completely virgin aside from the graphics, if someone could help verify this it would be great. Along with any helpful info. I have no idea if there is anything aftermarket done to the inside of the motor, the guy i bought it from spoke zero english and his wife had to translate. It has an Intake, intake manifold, header back exhaust (sounds awesome, deep and throaty not the typical honda sound), stage 2 clutch, and thats about it aside from this ecu, injectors look stock, plugs and wires are nothing special, throttle body looks stock, stock fuel rail. So i don't think there is anything special that needs tuning aside from this being a b18 not a b16 (yes i am sure lol) wish i knew if it had cams or was rebuilt but i won't know until i pull it apart in 2019 for a full rebuild.. Again any help is very much appreciated as i am planning to order an ECU by days end.. found a JDM P30 for 250 which seems a good deal since i have seen plenty of them for 4-500 dollars.. thanks!!
Hello?????? Anybody out here?? At this point I just ordered a JDM P30. Still not sure y there was a p30 on a b18.. That's what I Would love to hear opinions of
Alright seat sniffer youre over complicating this... lol its a b16 ecu out of a del sol, they prob used it because its what they had..... its not the correct map and you need either a p72 or a remapped p28 , post up pics of the ride !
Will do, Love the car quite a bit, this is my second hatch, the first one my friend and i did the swap, i suppose that makes sense just a weird ecu to just happen to have, its not USDM, i already ordered another one so i will probably just get a tuned p28 later once i have more of the car setup the way i want. I posted an album of my old EG, i will post EK pics once im home and on my own PC!