p30 ecu's


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cant search for p30.

looked all over ebay and googled but couldnt find any new stuff only chipped ones.

anyone know where to buy stock p30's?

thanks in advance


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a better question is.. how much do you want?

micah.. i would just buy a chipped one and cut the jumper


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i have both a jdm and a usdm p30, both virgin. :)

i will trade + cash for a virgin manual p28.


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well i already have a p30 in my car. im gonna send it to xenocron to get set up for uberdata/datalogging.

he hasnt replied yet on how long of a turnoaround i can expect but if its too long i was just planning on buying a new one and sending it to him so im not without my car for too long.

and he only does usdm p30's atm.


dude has skunk2 and mugen ones both going for some price. could i just buy one of those and send it to xenocron?

im guessing hed just pull off the ebay chip and redo it all uberdata. im an ecu noob so not sure :\


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ah well he just said once he recieves it its usually back out the door in 2 days so i think i may just send mine.