P30 Speed Limiter?

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I was under the impression that P30's didn't have a speed limiter. right now I'm running a P28 and hit rev limiter at about 7600 wut should I do buy a new ecu or should I chip it?
P30's are from the 94-97 del sol dohc vtec--extrememly rare and pricey, but they do have a speed limiter anyways. I would chip the P28, but be prepared, you will run pretty rich from what I hear.
well I'm really not down for running too rich, and I'm trying to figure out what to do, running a little rich I dont mind. what are some good chips and how much do they go for?
check out www.hyperducktuning.com

he's got some relatively inexpensive do it yourself kits. i did my p28 from there. now i have since gotten away from that and decided to go towards programmable systems... like hondata. a little more expensive to start, but well worth it.