P72 chipping help.

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Hello. Im running a p72 ECU in my 94 civic. First let me ask, I know my ECU is OBD2 but my car is OBD1 and I have the convertion harness so it still is OBD2 correct? Second does anybody know a good company to send my ECU to to get it chipped. All I want to do is disable knock sensor so i can get my check engine light off to pass emissions and disable my speed limiter. Only work that is done to my engine is intake and exhaust, but want to turbo it in the future so dont wanta get crazy with the chip now.
dont think you can chip obd2,you need to have it flashed,why not get the obd1 ecu and run obd1??
you can get a obd1 p28 and chip that. if you send it to me i can chip it no problem.
obd2 can and has been chipped.... but its not easy, and its nothing like obd1.

best bet is to just pick up an obd1 ecu. p28 if you're running an aftermarket intake mani, else you'll want the stock oobd1 p72 to operate the IAB's
my ecu is a pr3 obd0. i have a gsr map, fuel curves and and it does fine. you can put a map on anything. easiest way to do it is buy a p28 and a jumper harness. i can chip it put what you want on it and go from there.
as far as the iabs. you dont have to program them in. easiest thing i have found for them to work is to just make the valve open all the time. i took a screw and opened mine up for all the time.
and that screw cost you 15-20 hp at 3-6k
the screw didnt cost me a thing cause they are open all the time. when you get to the rpms they come open so how does it cost anything