P72 Ecu W/jun Chip For My H22a

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Hey guys I am almost done rounding up my components for my H22A swap into my civic. I have a p72 ECU because I was told that it has the more aggressive fuel settings, and with the Jun chip and dual stage VTEC it would be awesome and give me anywhere from 10-20 more hp on the H22A.

Do you guys agree??
I think I made the right decision as far as an ECU goes, any replies would be appreciated it, thanks
Dual Stage VTEC????

Sounds like you got taken for a ride. Unless you mean dual runner intake manifold. I would put the power change range at more like -15 to 15. There is no garauntee that this chip will make you more power.
Well the ECU only cost me $195 and it is an GSR ECU w/ a JUN Chip , this is what is says for the specs.

Engages vtec at 4800 rpms and gets ready to EXPLODE into full blown vtec at 5800 rpm's(2ND BUTTERFLY) and pulls HARD all the way to a 9500 rpm redline.

I figure hell the ECU is worth that much cant hurt to have a JUN chip in it. What do u think???

Thanks for replies
Is your valvetrain upgraded to handle 9500 rpm? Because if not, then not only will you not make power all the way up there, the only EXPLODING that will happen is your head and/or bottom end tearing itself apart from revving that high.
right.... news to me. i have an itching feeling that if it was so bad ass that more people than you would have heard of it. having an h22a myself i did some research on the gsr ecu with the h22a. my findings told me that the ecu made power (obviously, its an h22!) but it was not nearly suited for the h22a's needs. i personally have a p28 on my h22a, as many doubts as it raises when people come to find out im running a 1.6l sohc vtec d-series ecu, all doubts come to rest when they go for a ride. i can't personally comment on what this ecu is going to do in your car, the best thing i can tell you to do is to get your car on the dyno and round up some different vtec ecu's (make sure they are the same tranny type and so on) and see which one has the best curve and power output.

PS- 9500 redline sounds a bit overboard, i sure hope you have some serious cash dropped into your drivetrain and so-forth... if not, you're going to be in for a rude awakening!
my 2¢
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Feb 10 2003, 02:42 PM
Is your valvetrain upgraded to handle 9500 rpm? Because if not, then not only will you not make power all the way up there, the only EXPLODING that will happen is your head and/or bottom end tearing itself apart from revving that high.

i suppose that explains why the flooding crap was engaged on the site, you were posting the same thing at the same time :D
anyway... yea dude, just beware that you might have bought a hyped up gimmick that is doing nothing but possibly hurting you.

I'll be running a P30 with a Mugen chip, I'll see how it works.
by "dual stage vtec" the retard was probably referring to dual intake runners found on the h22 and gsr intake manifolds. only a p13 or a p72 will control those, and such, one of those ecus must be used on an h22 or gsr.
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Feb 12 2003, 11:39 AM
mugen chip = 19 mpg :) i had one it sucked gas

If I cared about MPG, I wouldn't be in this business... ;)
well how about this...

mugen = no low end , shitty gas mileage, waste of my money and 16 second passes.

switch to hondata:

14.8 second passes. same setup as with the mugen chip.
be careful man, i am ruuning a p72 on my 98 h22 and at 8400 where my stock p72 cut off, i killed three of the four valves in my #2 tube. not a good experience.
ok guys, i will give you my experiences with chipped ecu's...and this is based on dyno runs and several setups utilizing different chips.

first, remember this: honda ecu's from the factory allow for their motors to run perfectly. this means a p72 running a gsr motor will have excellent fuel curves and make optimum power.

second, too much fuel will cause you to LOSE horsepower. i'm having this problem right now, as my VTEC controller isn't controlling air/fuel as it should be, hence the problems i'm having. with the right fuel curves and 13:1 air/fuel ratio i will probably make between 5-10hp throughout the entire power curve.

third, aftermarket ecu's are designed to run with specific engines setup by the engine builder themselves.

hence, a genuine JUN chipped ecu will run a JUN engine perfectly, so what happens when you just have a b18c5 without any JUN parts...the motor won't be running to its full potential because the fuel curves will be designed for a motor with more aggressive cams and higher compression.

so why do people run aftermarket ecu's? well...some don't look for a knock sensor like a chipped p28 and the redline is higher, which allows for higher revving with motors THAT CAN HANDLE the higher rpm's. so if your valvetrain is stock, and you have a chip designed to rev to 9200 rpm you're setting yourself up for some bent valves and other engine damage.

other reasons for using an aftermarket ecu include increased compatibility with boosted setups, etc.

overall, unless you have a VAFC and plan on dynoing your car IMMEDIATELY, its not worth running an aftermarket ecu that IS NOT designed for your engine. you will either have to TUNE your setup, or just stay with the stock ecu that has IDEAL fuel curves for your motor.