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I have a :worthy: 1992 JDM LS INTEGRA :worthy: that i am completly parting out....if you need ANY THING just let me know and i will give you a price or you can make a reasonable offer!
my aim is Phatride404
cell 256-508-9135

thanx alot guys
1999 B18B motor is for sale out of this integra also....motor is in great shape. and the full motor swap with everything is $1500 plus shipping. please let me know!!!
I have 1992 JDM seats and all interior in near perfect condition. please make me an offer for anything

I also have a set of 18" ultra wheels in good condition with Nankang 215/35/18R tires with 85% tread on them.....500

1 set of ALT 18"wheels in PERFECT condition with Dunlap 215/45/18R tires with 75% tread left....600

all other parts on integra MUST GO SOOOOOOON


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still got the stuff for sale...Please include shipping to 85323.

90-93 = DA

Something I need
-Dash clock
-92-93 Steering Wheel
-Cowl (black plastic piece)
-black cover piece under the cowl (above the heater blower motor)
-Windshield Wiper Arms
-Gently Used Tokico HP's (or any shock/strut) Fronts and Rears
-Front Camber Kit

There's more, Ill think of later.