Parting out 89 CRX SI

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Hi all,
Im parting out my 89 crx si. Here is a list of stuff of the top of my head. Local pickup is prefered on the big stuff, i will ship the small stuff. Im located about 20 minutes west of Baltimore, MD. All prices are OBO!

Wings west body kit complete polyeurothane - 400

Suspension tecniques sway bars - 200

Tokico 5way struts with intrax lowering springs - 400

LS 5 speed trans (shifts perfect) with QUAFE LSD installed - 1100

1st gen VTEC AFC - 150 *SOLD

B16A Skunk2 Intake w/ Edelbrock Throttle body - 350

PR3 B16A obd0 stock 5 speed ecu - 100

LS ECU OBD0 5 speed - 75

B16A Distributor obd0 w/ Accel blue wires - 120

Place Racing front crossmember - 250 *SOLD

B series axles from 90-93 integra only like 500 miles - 100 *SOLD

intermediate shaft from my lsvtec - 100 *SOLD

94-97 Del Sol DOHC B16a Radiator & fan - 150 *SOLD

B series LS obd0 Engine wiring harness - 50

Stock SI computer - 20

Stock SI Resister box (x2) - 15

Stock SI engine complete tb to oil pan (200k miles) - 100

Stock starter (x3) - 50 each

B series Starter almost new - 100

B series Alt & brackets - 100

B series ARP Head studs w/ 12point nuts - 90

LS 1.8 Cylinder head complete!, intake & throttle body, and distributor - 300

Stock CRX SI axles only slightly used - 100

SI Gauge cluster w/ indiglos installed - 75

90-91 CRX Dash - 100

90-91 Crx gauge cluster - 50

88-89 CRX dash - 100

Grant racing black steering wheel 13" w/ hub adapter - 75

I have some pics of the car up on try this link to check them out
500charger/crx - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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How much were you thinking for gauge cluster???
My tachometer's taking a dump.... :(
Price shipped to Boise, Idaho 83709
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Want the cluster with tach. Price shipped to Ontario California 91764


My name is Byron.
I need the dash clock, and the center ash tray. To 44685. Thanks.


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still have the door panels? if so how much shipped to 37645
also how much for the 88 passenger side door glass and the glove box compartment shipped to the same address.