Parting Out 96 Civic

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selling or will trade for 99-00 civic fenders/hood/lights/bumper/grill to fix front end:

4-17" ACE wheels ( motegi MR7 look alikes) one is slightly curbed, on kumo 215/40s : $350
2- xplod 12" subs in box ( 800watts a piece) plastic on the cones are cracked but ARE NOT BLOWN and sound excellent: make offer
2- alpine 12" subs (type E's) in box, PERFECT condition, just broke in: $250
1- pyramid 1800 watt 4 channel amp, about 4 months old: $160
1-arospeed rice boy wing, black, dual deck, already assembled: make offer
2- black widow side skirts for 96-00 civic coupe, fiber glass, NO damage: come and take them out of my garage
1- AEM air bypass valve still new in box ( fits 2.50 intake piping) : make offer
1- set of stock tail lights for 96-98 civic coupe( will fit 99-00 ): make offer
1- stock wing ( as in " honda dealership put an ex wing on it ) no LED, painted vouge silver: make offer

this DOES NOT include shipping and i would preffer if you arranged for its pick up yourself because i work to long all day and never have the time to ship it ( closed by the time i get out of work) and because im lazy. im in the RICHMOND VIRGINIA area and i have relitives in the mooresville/sherrillsford, NC area and i have no problem driving down a weekend to go there and sponge off my pops so i can bring you the goods..... other wise post back
oh yeah ractive.... i should have said something to you bout my wheels while you were at 2fastaccord's house......but im sellin my 17s for the same price as dereks.
Derek told me that there was a performance shop around the corner from him. Do they have a fairly good rep?
actually there is.....i think its called ?performance direct? and they do good work they just havnt made a name for their selves yet. i know that a 12 sec neon has come from that shop and i here loud ass cars comin in and out of there all the time
Originally posted by htrcivic96sir@Mar 15 2003, 05:56 PM
2- black widow side skirts for 96-00 civic coupe, fiber glass, NO damage: come and take them out of my garage

lol :lol:
It is called Performance Direct. If you want to go up there sometime Ractive78 just let me know.

well back to the purpose of this post...... SOLD the Alpines and 1800 watt amp. the WHEELS WILL BE SOLD ON THE 7TH for $500 and the girl is picking them up. other wise everything else still stands. :worthy: { in pushy car salesman voice } everything must go!!!!! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!!! :fuckyou3: