parting out b series crx

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you may have seen a forsale post awhile ago from me bu thtat was my friend who stole my password...but im parting this car out because it has a bent rod...

avid mounts
rywire harness
jdm b16 cable tranny
dizzy (i have two obd 0)
shell..... you name it....everything is forsale....make me sum reasonable ones will be refused


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I need all of the splash gaurds for the crx, also need the fender liner with all the little clips and such. Also would you be willling to sell just the rear engine mount? I know someone who needs it. And will ask him on saturday if he wants is, (if you would be willing to sell just that one). What year is the crx?
I need the front and rear bumper if they are in good condition.


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Originally posted by Blanco+Jul 14 2005, 05:26 PM-->
@Jul 14 2005, 04:16 PM
jeez sorry about the bad
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Just a note, '88-'89 and '90-'91 are different sizes.
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91 thanks....

[NOTE]please reply so i'll know when to delete the pic.. :) ..dont want to ruin your thread....[NOTE]


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the #8 things...ones cracked....i wont sell single mounts...only the set and as for the fender liners i dont have them....sorry like to keep the shell whole but we'll see (i know i said everything is forsale my bad) for the motor,tranny, axles all that needs to go...

someone buy my stuff please!

avid mounts, harness, linkage, b16 tranny !!!! someone must need this stuff


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Originally posted by wickedplastikman@Jul 15 2005, 12:25 AM
hows the climate control?
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climate control = destroyed like most crx's sorry


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How much do you want for that tranny? does it go into gear smoothly with no grinding? no leaks or cracks in teh case? Shoot me a number and lets see what we can do. It would nee to be shipped to SC also..


is it the crx in your avatar??

I have been looking for a nice straight shell. Clean with no rust or anything larger than a few door dings.

If it fits the description, let me know!

I may just trade you my crx for it if you would be interested. Mine has a rough body, clean interior, a b18a swap and runs like crazy. '98 civic front end, too.

Let me know if you might trade straight across or be interested in selling me your shell. Thanks!