Parting out EF, many JDM SiR parts and USDM parts.

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I am located in Nashville Tn, buyer is responsible for all shipping. my zip code is 37067, i will give estimated weights so you can price the shipping.

SiR red stitch Seats------------------500
SiR suede door panels------------200
konig helium wheels-----------------350
SiR upper and mid wings------------------300
complete SiR front end--------------550 hood has dents and pins
full engine swap B16a Obd-0 with Ls 5th gear ----------------1500
password jdm 3 point front strut bar--------------200
password jdm rear bar---------------120
jdm center console---------100

Other parts are present, this is just the main of it, let me know what you need and I'll get back to you.
I do not want to part out the front end, or the swap, would like to see it go as a full.
I have researched the prices and know what they go for off the interwebs, all prices are OBO and if you think they are priced too high then keep it to yourself bc i will request a mod to remove any and all irrelevant posts.
thank you.






damn, shipping that?
lol, not gonna be very cheap.

if you can figure the shipping cost, i'll ship it.
but if its left to me i wont have time to figure out how much to ship it.

if you choose to get it and and have it shipped, i'll knock around $100 off to buffer the shipping hit.
going with the front clip as a whole, but i believe i have either an extra passenger side or drivers side, if you need just one.