Parting Out Gsr With Collision Damage, All Parts H

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Parting out GSR with collision damage, all parts have to go!!!! CHEAP
Like the title says, I crashed my 95 GSR the front end is pretty much done, but almost every interior part/rear body part/or engine part is available to sell. Just let me know what your looking for and Ill see if i got it.


I'm just about that action Boss.
How much do you think for the tranny, axles and ecu? I might need them in 2 weeks so I am sort of planning ahead. And also, how much for the front seats and where are you located?


i;m interested in the motor swap...
how much you looking to get for it
and how much for the whole car...
i have a 95 teg that i;m building and i needs lots of misc parts...
already have an h22 for the teg, so the swap would go for either my 88 crx, or 91 HB...
hit me at


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I'm interested in interior components if they're in reasonable good shape...and what color is your interior?

looking for:

door panels
guage cluser
rear panels
possibly rear seats

Hit me up and lemme know


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Hey guys, this is alot more strenous then I thought, I havent had the time to uninstall a single part. If someone would like to make an offer for the whole car, as is, and come buy and arrange for pickup and transport, please make an offer, I just want to get rid of it.