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je power

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H22 Complete head with intake + throttle body- $400
B18 Complete motor (stock)- 300$
P13 ECU- $200
GSR Trans- $600
P75 ECU- $50
Custom Intercooler (4"core/3"outlets) Ported for SS BOV- $300
B16 Oil pump- $50
D16 Hydraulic Trans- $50
D15 Head- $30
D16Z6 Head- $50
98 Civic Rolling Shell(no title)- Make offer

I also have a couple of turbos. All prices are negotiable. Send me a PM for pics.
The civic shell is a hatchback. The motor is a B18B.
Rebuilt Holeset T3 flange, V-band
TDO5H- Needs rebuld
T3- Needs rebuld
2- TDO4's From Saab
Small turbo- dont kno what it is

Also have a cut Canadian Wiring harness from 95si- $30
Just let me know when you do. Is it an HX35? Is it twin scroll?